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Trends for 2024: Website Sustainibility

It’s worth taking stock of your website’s carbon usage. A more carbon-efficient website will usually result in one that’s faster and generally more user-friendly.
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Trends for 2024: Website Accessibility

How easy is it for everyone to use your website? Because you could be alienating a chunk of your visitors by not ensuring your website is easy to use for everybody.
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Trends for 2024: Website Security

Securing your online presence has always been important, but I feel like it’s only going to get more important as we move into 2024…
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Three reasons why your website needs to load quickly

Even in an era of unprecedented speed, having a fast-loading website is still very important. Here are three reaosns why, and three things that usually cause the problem.
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UPDATED: Why your website looks bad in Facebook (and how to fix it)

Ever wondered why your links look sketchy when you share them to socials? You need to sort out your OpenGraph data.
Read how to promote your website for free

How to promote your new website for free

Got a new website? Does “the internet” know about it? Here are six ways you can spread the word without spending a penny.
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What’s involved in a website audit?

An outline of how I would approach an audit of an existing site, and how that information can be used to build you something better.
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Do you need a blog on your website?

The cliche says “content is king”, but do you really need to be regularly adding content to your site via a blog or news page?
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Do you have a website-ready logo for your business?

Here are some tips for providing a logo to your website designer, so that you end up with the best-looking version on your digital marketing products.
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